Phu Quoc & Mui Ne 12/2011 - Marcellian
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'Phu Quoc Prison'
This is one of the most barbarous inventions that American-Puppet Government used to torture prisoners at Phu Quoc Jail. This was called 'Tiger Cage' (actually no tigers). Any jail branch had 2 or 3 cages. The cage was made by thickly knitting barbwire on surrounding sides and on the top. There were many kinds of cages with different sizes like one prisoners cage or 3 to 5 prisoner cage. There were cages in which prisoners had to lie on the land, sand, or on the barbwire. In some cages, prisoners couldn't lie but stand or just stand and sat with a stoop. Just with a small move or changing their postures, could prisoners be torn by barbwire in these cages.
All the cages were laid outdoors. The prisoners who were imprisoned in the cages were not allowed to wear any clothes except shorts. They had to bear sunny, rainy and foggy weather all day and night despite mosquitoes and gad-flies' stinging. They were provided with just a little rice and salt (sometimes no salt), a few mugs of water and they had to pee and poop right inside the cage.
When cold nights fell, the guards flushed water onto the cage with the reasons of satisfying 'tigers; thirst' or washing the cage. On hot days, they flushed bittern onto prisoners with the explanation of embalming prisoners for them to 'gain weight'. Sometimes, they made fire next to the cage.
After several days in the cage, the prisoners' entire body was skinned. Some prisoners grew a layer of thin skin, then it was burned and skinned again and again. Others couldn't bear heat, icy feelings, hunger and thirst, so they passed away right at the cage.